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Santa Barbara: behind the scenes

I’m in my hometown — land of Evan Delaney and, now, of Barney, the star of Contest 2010. So here are some photos.

Here’s a shot taken at Brophy Brothers seafood at the Santa Barbara marina. This is the balcony where Evan, Jesse Blackburn, and Adam Sandoval celebrate the arrest of the man wanted in the hit-and-run wreck in Mission Canyon.

Here’s another shot of the marina. It was a stormy sunset, and the sea urchin boats were unloading their catch.

And here, up close and personal, are Barney and his fellow rescue dog and life partner (in Chihuahua madness) Monty. I feel so privileged that these international blog stars let me hold them on my lap.

And here is an Internet Jedi performing feats of derring-do. So that I can blog wirelessly from anywhere in the Mom’s house now. Feel the Force, young padawans!

It’s great to be here.

Japanese editions: Jericho Point and Mission Canyon

Jericho Point comes home, and Mission Canyon hits the road.

The Japanese edition of Jericho Point has just arrived. I love the design of the Japanese covers. And the books are the perfect size to slip into a pocket, so you can easily read on a train commute or a flight.

And Dave sends a new photo of Mission Canyon from the Japanese bookstore in San Francisco’s Japantown. He notes: “Looking for your name under the Japanese alphabet is no joke,” but it “does make me feel like all those years studying Japanese paid off.”

Dave: I’m so glad I could help you put your language skills to work, even if it tested your patience.

He adds that he and his mom picked up the book for his 88-year-old grandfather, “as thrillers are his cup of tea.”

That’s what I love to hear.

Mission Canyon Japanese edition

Just arrived from Japan, by bullet train. In my imagination, at least.

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Some more of Santa Barbara

Some more photos of my home town and settings for the Evan Delaney series.


The Old Mission church. In Mission Canyon, this is where Evan has a run-in with some bad guys while she’s trying to plan the music for her wedding.

It also happens to be the church where the Husband and I had our wedding. The music was gorgeous. No chase scenes ensued. (I’d already caught him.)


Me, pointing to the railing on the roof where Evan — holding her best friend’s baby — decides she doesn’t want her obituary to include the words “fatal plunge.”


The view in the opposite direction, overlooking the city rose garden and the neighborhood where Evan lives. A few blocks downhill, the car chase in Kill Chain ends when Tim North crashes into a fire hydrant and a hit man comes after him and Evan.

Pretty, isn’t it?

Shoreline_Park 1

Shoreline Park, setting for the closing scene in China Lake.

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