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Oklahoma Strong


That’s what the sign read, outside the restaurant where we had lunch. This was the view across the street.

IMG_0801 - Version 2

The devastation visited on Moore by the tornadoes in May truly takes your breath away. The force of the wind didn’t level neighborhoods. It demolished them, down to the foundations. In places it scoured the grass from the ground. People called the storms grinders. To survive, you had to get out of town or get under ground.

IMG_0806 - Version 2

But Moore is up and running. The local banks are open — maybe not the bank buildings, but they’re operating from a bus in the parking lot. Most of the city, unbelievably, is unscathed. Demolition and construction crews are everywhere, and hard at work.


Plenty of people need help, and plenty of people are offering it. If you’re passing anywhere close by, stop in town and give Moore some of your business.