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My books hit the road: Sao Paolo

The Memory Collector has been found in the wild — in Brazil. And look who has hunted it down. It’s Snart.

I expect more pictures during Carnival, when I hope the novel, and Snart, will cavort in the streets. I want to see both of them at the Sambadrome, adorned with feathers and towering hats made of fruit.

My books hit the road: Kuwait

Andy O. sends this photo: “Outside the Camp Arifjan, Kuwait MWR Library…”

MWR stands for Morale, Welfare and Recreation. I’m glad the U.S. Army thinks my novel fits in at least one of those categories. And I love a library that’s open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

But can anybody figure out the book that’s shelved behind The Liar’s Lullaby?

Rocky II: My books hit the road with the pup, one more time

Rocky, last seen snowbound in suburban Chicago with his master and a copy of The Memory Collector, has grown up and moved on. Now he’s either guarding The Liar’s Lullaby from poachers, or he’s waiting for somebody to throw the book across the yard so he can fetch it.

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My books hit the road: Illinois

“Lori and her pup, Rocky. It was taken on Sunday, 1/17/10 in Plainfield, Illinois (suburban Chicago).”

Note to Rocky: I know that in The Memory Collector, a dog is in jeopardy. But please stop fretting. The look on your face is killing me.

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My books hit the road: Ontario

the peace of the lake.1

Susan Daly writes: “Haven’t seen a travelling MegBook lately, but I couldn’t resist taking this one last month.  Haliburton County, Ontario.”

Who knew Gandalf read thrillers?

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My books hit the shelves: San Diego

Snart sends this photo: “Just wanted you to see two hoods who were moving your books all around Barnes & Noble tonight.”

Snart's Minions

Snart's Minions

But these aren’t just any hoods. Despite the blurry quality of the photo, I recognize them as Snart’s minions. Her henchmen, set on anarchy. Snart must have snapped the photo as B&N’s crack SWAT team burst through the windows to stop them from reducing the store to un-alphabetical order.

Chaos averted.

UPDATE: One of the hoods confesses and corrects. “Mea culpa. It was Borders.”

My books hit the road: Calgary

Patti sends this photo of “Killchain on its secret mission at the Calgary airport, perched on the backpack of my covert assistant. It had just infiltrated a ring of dinosaur fossil thieves in Drumheller and uncovered a conspiracy to create a race of killer super-bulls at the Calgary Stampede.”

Who knew that the summer action in Canada got so hot?

My books hit the road: Crete

Schmerzlos, the German edition of Crosscut, has been found at the airport on Crete. And not only is it popular with the about-to graduate from-high-school demographic, but with the just-been-Mohawked crowd. And also with my son Nate, on the right. His hat, thankfully, is not concealing any hair surprises.

My books hit the road: Stuttgart

The German edition of Crosscut has been spotted in the wild for the first time. Here’s Schmerzlos at the Stuttgart airport. There, while the Husband the nature photographer watched, the novel climbed up the book display to a spot where readers would notice it before any other book it could see the glorious view of the airport concourse. The photographer reports that a few sticklers were concerned at seeing him touch the hatchling, but he couldn’t resist helping it hop up to eye level and turn face out.

My books hit the road – a slideshow

Here’s a compilation of some of the photos you’ve sent in this year, showing my books out and about around the world. Thanks to everybody who has emailed snapshots to me. These photos include shots taken in Chennai, India; Perth, Australia; Johannesburg; San Diego; Toronto; Singapore; Essen, Germany; Krakow, Poland; Stanford, California; Brindisi, Italy; and Santa Barbara, California.

Keep them coming.

(Send them to meg-at-meggardiner-dot-com.)

My books hit the road: Santa Barbara

And they hit my favorite Santa Barbara bookstore, Chaucer’s.


Sally says: “I think they should be in ‘Suspense’ rather than ‘Mystery,’ but it’s great to see Crosscut and Kill Chain in Chaucer’s.”


My books hit the road


Brindisi, Italy.

Mary writes: “Kill Chain takes some time out to check out the beach near Brindisi…”


And runs into trouble. “Those crazy Italian drivers. But don’t worry. Kill Chain and all the people had on their seat belts so nobody got hurt. Stay tuned for more adventures of Kill Chain’s amazing travels.”

Well, it is a thriller. If it hit the road and just took a bus tour, I’d be disappointed.

My books hit the road


Ontario, Canada.

Susan writes: “Here’s another shot of China Lake hitting the road, or at least the water, as it prepares to go canoeing in Canning Lake, Ontario, in the lovely fall weather.”

My books hit the road


Crosscut and a Singapore Sling at Raffles,” writes The Husband. “So long, Singapore.”

Three slings, followed by a fourteen hour flight? Crosscut may come home looking dog-eared.