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Because you should always be thankful for roses


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating. Enjoy the day.

And just because I love y’all, here’s the weird crime headline of the year.

Norfolk Police Warn of Alarming Clown Epidemic.

More August snow and roses

Dan writes: “It seems that you have a theme going. I thought I’d share. My contribution is attached… all the way from my front yard in beautiful, scenic Tinley Park, Illinois. My motto stands: Less Riots, More Roses.”

Hear, hear.

And from New Zealand, Flakes sends “the view from out of our back gate.”

Everybody else: How about you? What’s your view? Send it to me.

August: Snow and Roses

Here are two views of white stuff in August. Summer in England, winter in New Zealand. Above is my garden this morning, and below is Flakes’ driveway last night.

Flakes writes: “Only the second time it has snowed at our place in over fifty-something years! Sooooo exciting! It is possible that it may snow again today and tomorrow, I hope so! (Gee-whiz, can you spot the snow-newbie?!)”

As a southern Californian, I am an eternal snow-newbie. I share your excitement, even from 12,000 miles away.

A rose for an August afternoon

Because we all need flowers, and it’s Saturday. And this rose was starting to look a little like a Picasso.