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Phantom Instinct: Santa Barbara News-Press review


It was a nice surprise this morning to get a text from my mom: “Look what headlined the book section — News-Press this AM!”

I’m going to adopt a kicked-back Santa Barbara attitude and say: Cool.

Actually, I’m thrilled. The last time I got a review in my hometown paper may have been when I played a klutz in the high school play.

The paper’s verdict: “An exciting action-packed thriller with a truly unexpected twist ending.”

I’ll take that any day.

36 hours in my hometown – and Evan Delaney’s

The New York Times suggests food, drink, beaches and hiking for a short break in Santa Barbara. And I count at least six places that are mentioned in the Evan Delaney novels.

36 Hours in Santa Barbara, California.

And I’m thrilled to learn that the drive-in movie theater near the airport is open again. Popcorn and cheesy monster movies for everyone!

(Thanks to Kate for the link.)