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Things I love: readers and Sharknado

My family loves bad disaster movies. I grew up watching them. My kids grew up being made to watch them. That’s why they can recite the entire script from the blockbuster we call “The Towering Inflamo.”

So last week’s premiere of Sharknado 2: The Second One on SyFy was a major event in my household. And among my entire extended family. Late in the afternoon, I started getting messages from relatives.

“So… ready for Sharknado 2?”


We threw a Sharknado bash with likeminded friends. Courtesy of Leslie Fox Abbott, here is the centerpiece of the evening:

Shark Melon

We watched, and laughed, and snarked at the sharks and the ‘nadoes and the New Yorkers getting mangled left, right, and center. It was a fulfilling cinematic experience.

Of course, during the movie I took to Twitter, along with hundreds of thousands of likeminded weirdos, to share my joy at experiencing this cultural moment.

Yesterday, reader Susan Manning posted this on Twitter.

Yeah, I guess folks know that I’m a cheesy movie nut.

And I love it.