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Today in my spam filter, or the do’s and don’ts of “liking”

Behind the scenes, WordPress.com runs a robust spam filter that catches fake comments — about payday auto loans and pretty young Ukrainian girls who are dying to be my bride — before those comments are posted on the blog. I always check the filter, because every now and then a legitimate comment gets netted and put in the pen.

The “names” attached to these spam comments are usually things like “Ergonomic C1 al is” or “a;soif3aenr.” But today I found one that sounded both desperate and trendy: “Buy Facebook Likes.”

Note: If you think buying Likes sounds like a plausible plan to help you market your product or yourself, back away from the computer.

Better yet, read “How to get more likes on Facebook: Don’t do this.”

Go on. It’s a cartoon. Read it, and then tell me which of the creative suggestions for actually getting people to like your work is your favorite. Personally, I choose “Paint a portrait of George Washington defeating Skynet while riding atop a bald eagle.”

Ways for writers to fail at social media

Social media marketing techniques that don’t work for writers — or, at least, fail to make me want to buy your book:

  1. Create a Facebook profile for the hero of your debut novel. Tell nobody that the profile belongs to a fictitious character. Pretend that the profile belongs to an actual human being. Have your hero send me a friend request.
  2. Create a Twitter account in the name of the villain of your new mystery. Follow hundreds and hundreds of people in the hopes they’ll automatically follow back. Update the character’s status every three minutes with links to your author website.
  3. Send me an email that opens: “I think my boss is a serial killer. No, seriously.” Followed by the unsolicited first chapter of your NSFW novel. Followed by a request for a blurb.

I don’t know — maybe I’m crazy, but these techniques don’t work on me. Anybody else?