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USA Today interviews my kid

And you have no idea how much self control it took to keep me from adding an exclamation mark to the end of that statement. It took a massive effort to keep me from adding multiple exclamation marks, great hopping, squealing herds of them. In an article about transferring from community colleges to four-year universities, USA Today extensively quotes my daughter Kate.

Making the Most of Your Community College Years.

Kate Lazo, assistant director of admission at Stanford University, says that good grades and a great professor recommendation are crucial. But the biggest mistake she sees prospective transfer students make is not researching the school’s application and course requirements.

“Students should think about what sort of classes they’re taking,” Lazo said. “They should focus in on the area they intend to major in but shouldn’t do so at the expense of a broad liberal arts education.” Lazo lists requirements such as humanities and foreign language courses that community college students should be taking before transferring.

There’s more. Oh so much more, but if I quote it further I’ll start squealing with motherly pride and running around flailing my arms overhead like a muppet, which would further embarrass my daughter. So I’ll stop now.

And yes, please offer your suggestions for a plural noun to describe a wild group of exclamation marks.