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Because you should always be thankful for roses


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating. Enjoy the day.

And just because I love y’all, here’s the weird crime headline of the year.

Norfolk Police Warn of Alarming Clown Epidemic.

What it’s like to be a thriller writer’s kid, part X

This week I’m in England, but I’ll head to the USA for Thanksgiving. My children have all asked whether I’m going to make gravy this year. They’ve asked insistently. They like gravy. At our Thanksgiving dinners, we don’t have a gravy boat. We launch a gravy fleet.

Having spent many Thanksgivings and Christmases in the UK, I have learned to make gravy from the turkey drippings and stock and to thicken it with one of Britain’s gifts to the world: Bisto gravy granules. Thus leading to the conversation below, with my son:

Bisto Escobar

That’s Doña Bisto to you.

Happy Thanksgiving

A happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today. I’m thankful for my wonderful family and amazing friends — including the friend who showed up this morning with this beautiful flower arrangement she’d made. I’m thankful for readers, who make it possible for me to write for a living. And I’m thankful for the community who makes this blog such a fun place to hang out online. You’re the best.

What I’m thankful for

I can only share a few of the many things I’m thankful for: my family, kids, good friends, and the amazing chance to explore the world with them.

The grad.


The guitar player.


The freshman.


The gang.


Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating.