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Geheugenfout: The Memory Collector Dutch digital edition

You know I love to see foreign editions of my books. Here’s the latest: Geheugenfout, the Dutch digital edition of The Memory Collector.
The title translates as “Memory Error.”

I’m also excited to see e-book editions begin to appear in various languages. Cool.

Q&A with Girls Just Reading

The avid readers at Girls Just Reading have posted a Q&A they did with me. Hop on over there and check it out.

Author Interview: Meg Gardiner

GJR: It always takes us by surprise that you can (and do) kill off your characters so easily. We have to ask, does it hurt you as much as it hurts us?

MG: It’s not easy at all. It’s terrible. But I write thrillers. This means the characters will find themselves in danger, facing life and death situations. And if they always survive, where’s the suspense? When I first started writing, I protected my characters, because I liked them. Though I put them in danger, I knew in the back of my mind that they’d be okay. I never truly put them at risk, and that meant that I never truly took a story as far as it could go. I stunted its possibilities from the beginning.

Read the rest.

Souvenirs de Sang

Here’s a new edition of one of the Jo Beckett novels, freshly translated. It opens:

Longtemps après, Seth n’avait rien oublié, l’air froid, la lumière rougeoyante qui zébrait le ciel vers l’ouest, la musique dans ses oreilles et son propre souffle profond. Longtemps après il comprit, et sa prise de conscience se ficha dans sa mémoire telle une épine. À aucun moment il ne les avait entendus arriver.

Can you guess which book it is? If not, I haven’t plastered enough clues around this post.

Souvenirs de Sang will be published in September by Fleuve Noir.