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But what about the ROUSes?

Heifer International is an amazing and worthwhile organization — and they know there’s a humorous undertone to this story.

The New Livestock: Rodents of Unusual Size.

When she saw the camera, she froze. Her mouth full, food in hand, she didn’t know what to do.

So she kept eating.

“She” was an overly large cross between a beaver and a rat, or a Rodent of Unusual Size, to use a popular culture reference. “She” is a grasscutter. And she has no idea that she’s helping make the farmers who raise others like her very successful indeed.

Of course the “popular culture” reference is to The Princess Bride, one of my family’s favorite movies. (How much do we love it? When my kids’ high school put it on as a play, my son Mark practically took the theater hostage until they cast him as Westley. And my daughter voted to turn her college dorm, Toyon Hall, into Inigo Montoyon. Her floor was renamed the Cliffs of Insanity.)

So when I saw the Heifer International story today, I sent it to Mark. Here’s the transcript of our conversation about it.

Me: Now it doesn’t matter whether you believe they exist. They’re here.

Mark: We’re growing them now?

Me: Sounds like it.

Mark: Maybe it’s for the best. We’ll need a less sentient ally when the apes arise and Skynet becomes self aware.

Me: So do you recommend breeding ROUSes to have prehensile thumbs that can grasp a weapon, or not?

Mark: Nah, they’re leapers/biters, not hand-to-hand combatants.

Yes, I have raised my children to have these sorts of intellectual conversations. I am a proud mom.

And here’s the original pop culture reference. Have a happy weekend.

Do not kill my father. Do not pass Go. Prepare to die.

What I wish I could have for my birthday.

The Princess Bride monopoly board.

It’s an homage to the movie in graphic form, not, alas, an actual board game. But how much would I love to play this game with the family? An inconceivable amount.

(Yes, even with the misplaced apostrophe.)