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I now surrender completely to word games

And to Star Trek.

Also: Command-B.

(Via George Takei.)

Title Game

Let’s end 2010 with a little larceny. I’m gleefully stealing this from Jen Forbus: The Title Game.

Here’s how you play. One person starts by listing a title — of a book, movie, TV show, song, or poem (I’m liberal about the rules here, because it’s New Year’s Eve). The next person must list a new title that contains one word from the previous entry.

Let’s see how far we can take this without me forcing my relatives to log in under fake names to add my own entries.

And a title to start: A Darkness More Than Night (Michael Connelly).

Get to it!


Bad literary mashups: your greatest hits

So many crazy, funny bad literary mashups have been submitted – almost a hundred fifty so far. Here are some of my favorites:

The Girl Who Played With Pale Fire – Glenn

Dracu l.a. Confidential – Jason

Lolital Women – Ron

How Green Was My Valley of the Dolls – Susan

F Is For Fugitive From A Chain Gang – Rich

A Bridge Over The River Kwai Runs Through It – Eddie

Boratatouille – The Husband

Jane Eyre Bud (it’s the happy version!) – Patti

The Sound and the Furious – Mark

Dreamcatcher in the Rye – Dan

Running with Edward Scissorhands – Nate

A Tan and Sandy Silence of the Lambs – Linkmeister

Dr. Strangelove or How I Met Your Mother – Snart

Read all the mashups here.

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Cheese or Font?

For cheese lovers, font/typeface obsessives, or people who, like me, have fried their brains and can barely type at the moment, a game:

Cheese or Font?

(Thanks to Dan for the link.)

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